Assassin Guidelines

  • The newbie role is a role which will be given to new players, which times out after a certain time span has passed

    • Players with the newbie role are not allowed to be attacked by bandits

  • Bandits may be paid off to not attack you but can not be hired to attack other players.

    • You can pay a bandit to not attack you or your nation/town.

      • This agreement is an honorary one and will not be enforced by staff. If either side breaks the agreement it is up to the players to handle the situation.

    • You can not pay a bandit to attack another player or group of players.

      • Bandits are not allowed to do any mercenary or assassin work. If caught doing so both the bandit and person who hire the bandit will be punished equally.

  • Mercenary Guidelines

  • To become a mercenary you must make a ticket in the discord applying to be one.

    • Mercenaries are given an in-game tag next to their username to distinguish them as mercenaries. They also are given the mercenary role in the discord.

  • Mercenaries must sign a contract with whomever is hiring them using the in game contract plugin

    • If the in-game plugin is not used the mercenaries' involvement in the conflict will be considered invalid and any killings will be ruled as rdms.

  • Mercenaries can only have one contract at a time.

    • Mercenaries can not accept a new contract until 24 hours after the end of their last contract.

  • A mercenary must be paid at least 10k for their work.

    • Items a mercenary may acquire from killing someone do not count towards their payment. This means someone can not just hire a mercenary and say their payment is whatever they find killing.

  • If the town a mercenary lives in is at war that mercenary can not take any jobs or do any mercenary work in any other wars.

    • If a mercenary is already doing a job in a war and their town becomes part of another war the mercenary may finish the contract they already have UNLESS their town is sieged in the war it has become a part of. Then the mercenary will have to end their contract and leave the war they were contracted to fight in as a mercenary.

    • A mercenary can not do mercenary work in one war and fight as a normal soldier in another war at the same time.

    • Mercenaries can not leave their town to go do work in a war and then rejoin the town once their work is done.

  • If a mercenary gives up the mercenary role or has it taken from them there is a 3 month wait before they can reapply for it.

    Mercenary Sieges

  • If a mercenary is hired into fighting in a war the opposing side of the war may siege the mercenary's town to try and remove the mercenary from the war.

    • If the attackers in a mercenary siege win they force any mercenaries that live in that town to leave the war.

    • If the mercenaries are forced out of the war with a mercenary siege they may not rejoin the war as mercenaries.

    • Mercenary sieges do not occupy towns or take any balance out of the town bank, they only remove mercenaries from the war if won by attackers.

    • Offlining is not allowed for mercenary sieges.

    • A formal declaration is not needed to conduct a mercenary siege.

      Guild Rules

  • Guilds may act as middlemen between mercenaries and players looking to hire mercenaries.

  • Guilds must follow the same rules for hiring/employing mercenaries as any other player with the following special exceptions and additions.

    • Guilds can connect mercenaries and employers and take a service fee but the in-game plugin contract must still be created by the employer and accepted by the mercenary.

  • When a mercenary contract is given to a guild it becomes the responsibility of the guild to make sure all already stated criteria for a mercenary are met before giving the contract to a mercenary.

    • This includes making sure the mercenary

      • Doesn’t already have a contract

      • Has waited 24 hours since their last contract

      • The mercenaries town is not already at war

  • Towns with guilds do not count as the residents of the mercenaries and thus do not qualify to have mercenary sieges conducted on them.