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The Rules

Chat & Discord Rules

  1. Be respectful to others OOC (out of character). Toxicity is not tolerated. Keep your drama in private chats. No irl politics or religion in public channels.
  2. No inappropriate or sexually explicit content or OOC discrimination of any kind (race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation).
  3. Only send messages in their proper channels. Do not clog lore channels with spam.
  4. Advertisement of non-Alathra related things is not allowed.
  5. Alathra’s community is not a substitute for a therapist, if you are experiencing distress or other mental issues, please contact a professional.

Staffing Rules:

  1. Don't DM staff members under any circumstance regarding server issues, make a ticket instead.
  2. Use the ticket system on discord (#support-ticket) to report issues or appeals.
  3. Respect staff decisions and comply with moderators when asked.
  4. Attempts to get other players punished without substantial proof will likely result in punishments directed towards yourself instead.
  5. Report incidents as they happen. Hoarding evidence over a long period of time only makes it less likely that substantial proof will be found under investigation or that action will be taken in general.
  6. Serious accusations must be accompanied with proof.
  7. Don't complain about staff decisions in public chats. Appeals can be made using the ticket system.
  8. Do not impersonate staff or attempt to do their job.

Town/Nation Rules:

  1. Do not make towns or outposts within 100 blocks of another town.
  2. Faction-styled builds are not allowed. (Example: Obsidian walls / sky bases).
  3. Town defenses must be grounded in realism.
  4. Towns must have a visible build on the surface of the claim.
  5. Builds which are deemed offensive can and will be removed by staff/admins.
  6. Nations must have realistic borders. Towns must be within 1000 blocks of the nearest town in the nation.

Roleplay Rules:

  1. No metagaming or powergaming.
  2. No roleplaying slavery, racism, homophobia, or genocide.
  3. Consenting or non-consenting romantic roleplay between an adult and a minor is not allowed. Additionally erotic roleplay as a whole is not permitted.
  4. Actions in-game can and likely will be taken as roleplay actions by other players unless explicitly stated to not be (OOC chat etc.). You are responsible for your own actions.
  5. Do not use real places, people, religions, historical events, or established fictional media in RP.
  6. Keep to the theme of the server in build, character, and RP: (Medieval fantasy).
  7. Excessive lies/slander against individuals or nations will not be permitted.
  8. Do not kill characters off to avoid consequences.

Farms & Automation Rules:

  1. Auto / AFK farms are forbidden. Farms must require player interaction I.e (A button or lever being pressed).
  2. No togglable automatic farms.
  3. Players must do 100% of the damage in any mob farm and the mobs must be able to hurt the player (i.e. dark rooms).
  4. Auto smelters are allowed.
  5. Any farm causing lag can be removed or altered by staff at any point.

Combat Rules:

  1. Non-consensual continuous and unwarranted killing of players is not allowed.
  2. Roleplay should be attempted before killing a player.
  3. You can kill a player for trespassing, however they must be warned to leave before initiating combat and given time to respond.
  4. Unwarranted bed camping is not allowed.
  5. Lava and withers are not allowed during combat.
  6. Use of fire/TNT/end crystals for combat is permitted.
  7. Combat logging is not allowed.
  8. You are not entitled to your items if you die in combat.
  9. Traps are allowed, but must placed prior to engaging in combat.
  10. Surrounding a player with blocks is not allowed in combat. Sealing off rooms is permitted.
  11. Traps are allowed, but must be placed prior to engaging in combat (explosives are not included in this rule).

Stealing/Griefing Rules:

  1. Griefing is not allowed under any circumstances.
  2. Repurposing unclaimed builds is allowed.
  3. Theft is allowed in the wilderness.
  4. Scamming is allowed along with its rp consequences.

Exploits, Hacks & Other Rules:

  1. Abusing an exploit to get items or money and hiding the results from staff is not allowed.
  2. Hacks or hacked clients are not allowed.
  3. Alt accounts that are being used for an unfair advantage are not allowed.
  4. Duping in any form is not allowed.
  5. Lag machines are not permitted.
  6. Chunk loading exploits are not allowed.
  7. Do not abuse the lockpicking system with excessive doors
  8. Only permitted mods are allowed. Click here to view allowed mods.

The War Rules

Declaring Wars:

  1. War declarations are posted in the war-declaration channel in the discord.
  2. Only leaders with approved rp characters may declare a war.
  3. Follow the provided war template provided in the war-declaration channel.
  4. War may only result from valid RP reasoning.
  5. You cannot use unrealistically large claims as a means of declaring war.
  6. Allies must post their involvement in the war declaration thread and must wait 24 hours after their announcement before participating.
  7. Mercenaries are allowed to join a war but must join as a town.
  8. Mercenaries must be paid a reasonable amount and provide proof of payment; a screenshot in the war declaration. Abuse of this system will result in punishment.
  9. Don't attempt to enforce ridiculously unfair demands.
  10. Contact staff to start a war in-game. All participants must join when created.
  11. Staff may determine who is a participant in certain situations.
  12. Hostilities are not allowed until 24 hours after the war declaration
  13. Laws of war may be created and agreed upon by the war participants. These are gentlemen's agreements and will not be enforced by staff.

General War Rules:

  1. You cannot move your homeblock or /t spawn after joining a war unless it is during the 24 hour grace period.
  2. No unnecessary delaying of wars or avoiding conflict.
  3. Don't break treaties/agreements with other nations/towns with no RP justification.
  4. If you leave the war plugin you may not rejoin the war.
  5. You may still be subject to the consequences of your side losing even if you leave the plugin.
  6. Alt accounts are not allowed to be used as tools of war.
  7. Spectators are not allowed to participate in any way, shape, or form. If you are a spectator in a warzone you may be collateral damage.
  8. Looting is allowed during war.
  9. A staff member cannot resolve a war rule discrepancy if they are directly or indirectly involved in the war itself.
  10. New war participants must wait at least 1 hour before engaging in combat.

Siege Rules:

  1. Offline sieges are not allowed. A member of the town must be on when the siege is declared.
  2. You cannot teleport into a siege.
  3. You must breach a town’s main area. Do not capture by flying above the homeblock.
  4. Defenders may not trap in or around the homechunk. (This includes placing explosives near the homechunk).
  5. The homechunk must have an accessible entrance to attackers (A door that can be lock picked).
  6. Do not cheese the homechunk. (No mazes, forcing players to crawl, swim, parkour, extremely small rooms, etc.)
  7. Sieges on inactive (for 30+ days) towns will be granted instant victory for the attacker.

Staff Rules

The following rules apply to staff members only.

General Staff Rules:

  1. Do not abuse permissions/abilities granted to you by your staff rank.
  2. Refrain from arguing with players in public channels, bring it into a private channel such as a ticket.
  3. Do not share information from staff channels in public channels without approval from your team lead.
  4. Do not leak information available to you as a staff member to players, especially if it gives them an in-game advantage.
  5. Do not use information available to you as a staff member for your own advantage in-game.
  6. Do not criticize staff members in public channels, voice your criticism in staff-only channels or to them directly.

Moderation Staff Rules:

  1. You are prohibited from responding directly to a report/ticket of staff abuse if you are involved in any way, even if there are false claims.
  2. You are prohibited from processing player reports that involve yourself, town members, nation members or close friends.
  3. You are prohibited from responding to war tickets if you are involved in the war in any way.
  4. You must consult the punishment guidelines when determining adequate punishment for a player.
  5. Record the punishment including details in moderation logs on the discord and in the player's profile in the moderation channels. This can be done after the punishment.
  6. Create a thread and write expanded moderation logs when deemed necessary by the moderation staff.
  7. For ambiguous situations, consult other moderators, senior moderators and the server manager if needed.
  8. Do not antagonize punished players or post passive aggressive messages in moderation logs.

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